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kalakkal kaalai

You Asked! We Listened! Everything is new on the Kalakkal Kaalai plate! Kickstarts your weekday mornings with our sassy pair Suresh and Ahila from 6 am to 10 am.

And don’t miss out the current affairs, trending stories and crazy jokes they will be serving you at this breakfast hour!

Beat-u Onnu, Paattu Rendu

Yaaaahhhh…. Here’s another chance for you to win more money. All you have to do is guess the given mixed track of 2 song bites. Brownie points if you could predict both songs right. If you fail to answer both the songs, the money will be snowballed.

Poottai Odaingea, Petti-ya Thorange

Every Friday from 7am we'll get listeners to call us, unlock the mystery box by answering a riddle. Once answered, we'll reveal any interesting things to do during weekend.

Wheel-le Sutividu

We will have participants from both genders to spin a virtual wheel of questions. Based on the number on the wheel, questions will be asked. We’ll have a weekly leaderboard!

Ithu Eppadi Iruku (Gotcha)

Want to prank someone big-time? We’re here to help you! Send us over their details and our prank masters; Suresh and Ahila will get the job done on your behalf!


  • kalakkal kaalai
  • kalakkal kaalai