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vealai mudinjaachu

Velai Mudinjaachu (“Work Is Over”) is a weekday show packed with lots of excitement from 7-10pm.



We’ll share simple recipes that you can easily whip up… even after a tiring day in the office.


Aaram Arivu

Tune in for some OMG facts, and let’s have a chat about them


Trending Tuesday

A discussion about the current trends that everybody is talking about.


Aan Pavam

What are the perks of being a man? Let’s talk about it.



Love experimenting in the kitchen? We’ve got some simple recipes for you!


Pen Paavam

Tune in for some girl talk about life as a woman.


Trending Thursday

Join us and let’s catch up on all of today’s trendy topics.


Unmaiya Sollatha

We want to hear your stories! In this segment, listeners will get to ‘confess’ secrets to our announcers!


Ithai Pannalama

Looking for a new hobby? We’ve got some ideas to keep you entertained and occupies.


Aaluku Oru Aasai

What do you secretly wish for? What plans do you have for the future? Tell us during this segment!

vealai mudinjaachu


  • vealai mudinjaachu