Finally, this week’s list of trapped announcers has been revealed… but with a surprising twist!

The trapped announcers are Uthaya, Maran, and Shalu, while the selected announcers for next week will be revealed on Monday, 19 March via another Facebook Live session. So, don’t forget to cast your votes for the next 3 ‘victims’ here!


Meanwhile, here are some important announcements:

  • The first victim who’ll have to complete the stunt is Uthaya!
  • He’ll be completing the challenge on Tuesday, 13 March, at 1pm on the RAAGA (Malaysia) Facebook page.
  • But wait… if you want him to complete the stunt, the video will need to reach a total view of 15k!
  • And as a twist, the higher the number of views gets, the tougher the stunt will become too! So, get all your friends and family to watch it!
Again, the day and time to remember are Tuesday (13 March) at 1pm on RAAGA (Malaysia) Facebook. Come catch the fun!