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Shamna Kasim @ Poorna Is Our Artist Of The Month!

Here’s your chance to know her in detail.

shamna kasim @ poorna is our artist of the month!

This March, Raaga is featuring the though and challenging actress, Shamna Kasim who is well known for her stage name Poorna, as our Artist of The Month.

The Kerala born actress has turned 29 last January 23rd- began her career as a classical dancer and got into media when she was participating at the reality-based dance competition Super Dancer on Armita TV. She made her acting debut in the 2004 Malayalam film Manju Poloru Penkutty  and went on to play minor supporting roles in a couple of unsuccessful films. She played her first major role in her debut Telugu film Sri Mahalakshmi, while playing the lead female character in her first Tamil film. Muniyandi Vilangial Moonramandu.

This actress is wll known for her bravery because she would probably be the first actress to shave off her thick matte of hair, to play a character and give it a larger-than-life look. This is something to praise because in current techo-magic world, you can make your head look as clean as an egg without any sacrifisation but she choose to do.

According to Manoramaonline, when she was asked the reason for choosing to go for a clean head for a role in Kodi Veeran she said “I hold two roles very close to my heart. One is this one from Kodi Veeran and the other, from Shavarakathi, where I play a heavily pregnant deaf woman. Both the roles are powerful and they have given me the confidence and desire to do more

She has been in the industry for 10 years now and she is ready to take up more challenging roles. Based on many movie critics, her latest movie Shavarakathi has showed the other side of her as a pregnant women and she did a great job in it.

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