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Everything you should know about the actor.

Arvind Swamy takes the spotlight on RAAGA this month.

meet our artist of the month: arvind swamy

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The 48-year-old first kickstarted his career as a Bollywood actor. Throughout the 1990s in Kollywood, he achieved a heartthrob status among his fans. Many of us will remember his best for his lead roles in the 1992 political drama Roja, and 1995’s Bombay. Despite the success, he left acting behind for 12 years until his comeback in 2013 in Kadal. More recently, Arvind took on a villainous role in the 2015 thriller, Thani Oruvan.

Here are more fun facts about the man…

#1 A true introvert

The man who was once a national heartthrob is actually an introvert! You’d think that showbiz has no place for introverts, but Arvind proved many wrong! That being said though, all the glamour and attention eventually proved to be too much for him to take, causing him to go on a long break.

#2 Avid gamer

He has spoken about online gaming as one of his favourite pastimes. Also, here’s a little secret—his favourite game is Game of War.

#3 Tech wizard

This guy isn’t just a good actor. He’s also a brilliant software developer. Outside of acting, Arvind runs a business that deals with software applications.

#4 Scriptwriter

Yeah, as if giving riveting performances and being a tech wizard is not enough, Arvind is now planning to direct and act in his own film. He has already written two scripts, and will begin working on one of the two as soon as he’s done with his current commitments in Kollywood.

 #5 Horrible accident and brilliant recovery

Arvind’s tale of overcoming his crippling injuries deserves a movie in itself. He suffered a horrible accident in the late 2000s, which almost paralysed him and put him on the bed for years. Yet, with perseverance, he recovered the use of his limbs, especially his legs, which were badly damaged. Within a year, he went from barely walking to running a half marathon all by himself!

So, what’s the man up to now? He’s busy doing promotional works for his new movie, Bhaskar Oru Rascal.

We’re happy to have you back in action, Arvind!


Info via Wikipedia and Famous Birthday

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